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Project 20101119-Latin-review
Mid-Term Review of the @LIS2 Programme
Tags alice2, programme, evaluation, sectoral, analysis, mid-term, review
Description The Mid-Term Review will collect results-oriented information from all the @LIS2 projects and areas of action and will analyse the latter as part of the same programme, providing an assessment of the overall management and implementation of the actions. Specifically, the contractor is asked to submit a report presenting the overall progress reached by the @LIS2 programme pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the programme as a whole and of each sector, coherence between actions, relevance of performance indicators and to formulate specific recommendations to confirm current orientation or to re-plan, as
appropriate. The evaluation will be conducted in the form of an independent examination and be presented
in the form of a report that:
Location Latin America and Europe
Period/Missions Fev 2011 - Avr 2011
Posted On 2010-11-12, 14:53
Apply By 2010-11-19, 14:00


Expert 1: Team Leader (Senior)


  • collect material, collate data and any other relevant sources to relate the findings to
    coherent and realistic conclusions and recommendations;
  • draw conclusions about the achievement and present status of implementation of the @LIS2 programme, with clear indications on the extent to which outputs are being achieved;
  • make recommendations on how to improve the impact of the programme and determine longer-term priorities in the areas covered by the programme;
  • facilitate a close knowledge of the performance up to date of the expected objectives and to orient on possible developments;
  • analyze the projects as parts of their field of action and of the same programme providing an assessment of the overall management/implementation of the actions
    and of the stakeholders’ participation;
  • summarise the main lessons that should be learned so far from each field of action and for the Programme as a whole, including proposals and/or alternatives for their continuation.

32 p/d

Qualifications and skills

  • Academic degree in a relevant discipline for the Programme, preferably in engineering, telecommunications, law, economics, social and /or political sciences.
  • Full command of Spanish and English.


  • Post-degree specialization in thematic issues related to Development and International Cooperation and/or to the @LIS2 relevant sectors will be an asset;
  • Knowledge of Portuguese will be an asset.
    General Professional Experiences
  • at least 10 years of management and/or evaluation of international programmes in developing countries/emerging economies, of which at least 5 as team leader/project

Specific Professional Experiences

  • Relevant experience in EU development/cooperation programmes using PCM methodology;
  • Experience in managing or evaluation of ICT-based projects


  • Experience in cooperation projects with Latin America will be an asset.
    Missions to Chile, Colombia, Brussels;

Expert 2 (senior)


28 p/d


  • Academic degree/s in the relevant disciplines: engineering, telecommunications, law, economics, social and /or political sciences.
  • Full command of Spanish and English.


  • Post-degree specialization in information society policies or ICT’s regulation will be an asset.
  • Knowledge of Portuguese will be an asset.

General Professional Experiences

  • At least 5 years of relevant high level experience in fields related to ICT regulatory and policy frameworks, in Europe and/or Latin America.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the eEurope programme and its evolution and of the European ICTs regulatory and standards system.


  • Knowledge of the Latin American telecommunication and Information Society public policies and regulatory environment will be an asset;
    Specific Professional Experiences
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in project management and/or evaluation,
  • Experience in European, international or Latin American ICT regulatory and standardisation organisations and/or relevant experience in providing assistance to them.
  • Experience in developing and analysing indicators to measure aspects related to the Information Society;


  • Experience in project management and/or evaluation of EC funded projects will be an asset
  • Active involvement in international fora, workshops and international organizations working in fields related to the development of the Information Society will be an asset.

Missions to Uruguay, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brussels

To Apply

If you meet the requirements and would like to apply, please:

  1. Update your resume as per latest EC Resume Format
    • Ensure that your resume reflects all requirements
    • In section 14 Professional Experience you have to provide Reference Persons for as many assignments as possible (select reference contacts from the EC or other donor institutions, include phone and e-mail if possible)
  2. Email your resume to with subject quoting opportunity code and position applied for
  3. Email your expected working day rate. In addition you will get full EC per-diems for every day on location
  4. Fill out Statement of confidentiality.doc; date; sign; scan & email to, or fax to +35929768311
  5. If we like your resume, we'll send you the detailed Terms of Reference (we must have the Statement of Confidentiality before we can divulge the ToR)
  6. If you are selected by the consortium: fill out Statement of exclusivity and availability.doc; date; sign; scan & email or fax it to us (please wait until we request it)

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email ( or phone (+359888568132) with any questions.

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