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Project 20101129-GL-GoG
Development of a planning, monitoring and forecasting mechanism for Greenland education sector
Tags statistical, methods, model-based, forecasting, tools, data, processing, management, planning, monitoring, supervision, education
Description Global objective of the project is to contribute to developing and strengthening the capacity of the GoG to plan, monitor and supervise education provision, including the capacity to match the supply of education / training programmes and the needs of industry and public sector at local and central levels.
Specific objectives of te project are to develop a mechanism which supports GoG in:
  • the annual planning of the education provision,
  • the monitoring and supervising the education sector, and
  • the strategic planning through establishment of medium- to long-term forecasts which relate to demographics and labour market situation and developments
Location Greenland (Nuuk), home offices of experts, Belgium (Brussels)
Period/Missions Jan 2011 - Oct 2011
Posted On 2010-11-25, 14:46
Apply By 2010-11-25, 00:00


Expert 1 (Senior) and Expert 2 (Junior)

Required outputs:

a) Databank and tools for planning, monitoring, supervision, and forecasting in education sector.
The mechanism is to be developed, installed and ready to use. It is to be user-friendly and the databank is to be easily updated in the future by employees of GoG. The languages of the tool and databank are Greenlandic and Danish. The GoG can provide the needed technical terminology in these languages.
The following tools are expected to be developed:

  • reporting models for planning (including dormitory capacity)
  • early warning system for monitoring
  • stock-and-flow model for the supply (educational system, teachers, constructions, costs etc)
  • stock-and-flow model for the demand (various skills according to economic sectors etc)
  • forecast model/ scenario-building including education and labour-market projections

b) User training in Danish and/or English and a Danish/Greenlandic-language user manual for the databank and tools.

74 p/d

One senior expert with at least 10 years of relevant work experience and one junior expert with at least 3 years of relevant work experience to this assignment.

  • Economist with specialisation in demographics or equivalent
  • Master's level education or higher

Experience of the expert team:

  • Required: experience in practical statistical methods and use of model-based forecasting tools
  • Required: experience in developing databanks
  • Required: experience in developing data models (tools)
  • Required: experience in IT-tools for data processing and data management
  • Required: at least one expert must have programming expertise
  • Required: at least one expert must have field experience in Greenland
  • Asset: knowledge and experience on demographical analysis
  • Asset: work experience in educational statistics and/or labour market statistics
  • Asset: work experience in national statistical bureau or similar organisation

Language skills
Both experts must be fluent in English and at least one of the team members must have a very good working knowledge in Danish.

To Apply

If you meet the requirements and would like to apply, please:

  1. Update your resume as per latest EC Resume Format
    • Ensure that your resume reflects all requirements
    • In section 14 Professional Experience you have to provide Reference Persons for as many assignments as possible (select reference contacts from the EC or other donor institutions, include phone and e-mail if possible)
  2. Email your resume to with subject quoting opportunity code and position applied for
  3. Email your expected working day rate. In addition you will get full EC per-diems for every day on location
  4. Fill out Statement of confidentiality.doc; date; sign; scan & email to, or fax to +35929768311
  5. If we like your resume, we'll send you the detailed Terms of Reference (we must have the Statement of Confidentiality before we can divulge the ToR)
  6. If you are selected by the consortium: fill out Statement of exclusivity and availability.doc; date; sign; scan & email or fax it to us (please wait until we request it)

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email ( or phone (+359888568132) with any questions.

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