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Project 20110513-KO-Supervision-IT-Supply
Supervision of IT Supply Contract - Kosovo Police Information System
Description The specific objective of this contract is to supervise the implementation of the Intelligence Led Policing project for the Kosovo Police assisting the Contracting Authority/European Commission Liaison Office with the participation in the tender evaluation and the supervision of the implementation of the above mentioned supply contract/s (supporting the upgrading of the Kosovo Police Information System).

Required outputs:

  • Assistance during the evaluation of the bids;
  • The contractual development, supply, installation and commissioning activities are supervised and successfully completed on time;
  • The Provisional Acceptance Certificates for all completed contractual activities are issued on time and signed by all parties;
  • Supervision of the 12 months of Defects Liability Period (warranty period) following the issuing of the related Provisional Acceptance Certificates;
  • Issuing of Final Acceptance Certificates after expiration of the Defects Liability Period (if the implementation period of the Framework Contract allows for it);
  • Regular progress reports on the status of implementation;
  • Minutes of progress meetings held with the Beneficiaries and the Contracting Authority (if any);
  • Any other technical report or information requested by the Contracting Authority for the purpose of this assignment.
Location Kosovo, Pristina
Period/Missions Jul 2011 - Jun 2013 (numerous missions)
Posted On 2011-05-10, 14:38
Apply By 2011-05-12, 18:00


Senior expert

Profile required (education, experience, references and category as appropriate)
Expert mobilised under this contract must:

  • be proficient in English;
  • have excellent communication and analytical skills;
  • be proficient in report drafting and
  • have excellent team working abilities.

Qualifications and skills

  • Education at least Masters Degree Academic Level in Computer Information Systems or a related field relevant to the assignment,
    or a University Degree in Computer Information Systems or a related field relevant to the assignment with 13 years of relevant experience,
    or 15 years of relevant experience Computer Information Systems or any other discipline relevant to the assignment.

General Professional Experience

  • At least 10 years of relevant professional experience related to the lot.

Specific Professional Experience
The expert must have specific professional experience in the following subjects:

  • At least 5 years experience working for IT projects for public safety services in the area of intelligence or community policing or a related field.
  • Experience in supervising at least two IT projects of similar nature;
  • Experience in working in an EU funded project of similar nature, preferably in a country covered by the IPA programmes, would be an asset.

70 p/d

The required services include:
a) Participation in the tender evaluation;
b) Once the Supply Contract/s have been awarded, the designated Supervisor will liaise to work out a detailed programme for the implementation of the project, to ensure a proper sequence of supply, installation and commissioning activities, and a timely receipt of all relevant documents;
c) Identify project risks and allocation in the context of identifying the critical path:
d) Review infrastructure necessary for equipment supply and facilities;
e) Review inter alia the Supply Contractors quality assurance plan for manufacturing, procurement and installation;
f) Supervision and monitoring of the Supply Contractor/s performance against the baseline programme and provision of reports regarding potential scheduling conflicts or delays by the Contractor/s;
g) Supervise and monitor the details of the required functional and operating environment configuration for the complete application system and equipment on which the entire IT system is to run;
h) Supervise and monitor details of the installation and commissioning activities to ensure conformance with the related supply contracts specifications;
i) Provide interpretation of the Technical Specifications if required;
j) Check, prepare and endorse certificates for provisional acceptance concerning the whole scope of the supplies including the development, installation, commissioning and spares necessary for the implementation of the projects;
k) Participate in testing procedures, including issuing and approving the related certificates;
l) Review and mitigate the claims and variations submitted by the Contractor/s, if any, including the preparation of cost estimates and maintain appropriate records;
m) Submit recommendations to European Commission Liaison Office on the application of penalties on Contractor/s (as required);
n) Assist and give advice to the European Commission Liaison Office on all relevant meetings (including the drafting of the minutes of the meetings) and correspondences with the Contractor/s;
o) ssist the European Commission Liaison Office by providing advice in the event of any dispute on claims or penalties imposed by the European Commission Liaison Office;
p) The Supervisor should attend meetings at European Commission Liaison Office premises in Pristina to provide advice on any discussions and negotiations with the Contractor/s, as required;
q) To assist the European Commission Liaison Office with any other activities where the Consultant’s skills, knowledge and experience may be beneficial;
r) Discuss with all relevant actors all submitted documents from the Contractor/s and agree, where necessary, on appropriate actions and responses;
s) Compilation of a project completion report. This report shall be ready not later than 3 weeks after the Provisional Acceptance Certificates have been issued for the related supply Contract/s;
t) Check the content and completeness of the final documentation;
u) Certification of all invoices of the Supply and Installation Contract/s;
v) Deal with warranty claims by proper recording, analysing and, if the claim is relevant to the activities performed by the Contractor/s, prepare a notice related to the claim and inform the related Contractors/s accordingly;
w) At the end of Defects Liability Period (Warranty Period), if the Contractor/s has/have completed his/their contractual obligations, the Supervisor should issue the Final Acceptance Certificate for the related Contract/s.

In order to have preliminary information related to the main milestones for the above mentioned supply contracts, the following indicative time schedule is planned:
1. Tender evaluation: June/July 2011
2. Start of supply contract implementation: September 2011
3. Acceptance of User Requirements Document: October 2011
4. Development of software, acceptance of internal
testing and hardware installation: 6-9 months following the above date
5. Deployment, testing and Provisional Acceptance: 2 months following the above period
6. Warranty period and final acceptance: One year following provisional acceptance

To Apply

If you meet the requirements and would like to apply, please:

  1. Update your resume as per latest EC Resume Format
    • Ensure that your resume reflects all requirements
    • In section 14 Professional Experience you have to provide Reference Persons for as many assignments as possible (select reference contacts from the EC or other donor institutions, include phone and e-mail if possible)
  2. Email your resume to with subject quoting opportunity code and position applied for
  3. Email your expected working day rate. In addition you will get full EC per-diems for every day on location
  4. Fill out Statement of confidentiality.doc; date; sign; scan & email to, or fax to +35929768311
  5. If we like your resume, we'll send you the detailed Terms of Reference (we must have the Statement of Confidentiality before we can divulge the ToR)
  6. If you are selected by the consortium: fill out Statement of exclusivity and availability.doc; date; sign; scan & email or fax it to us (please wait until we request it)

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email ( or phone (+359888568132) with any questions.

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