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Consulting opportunities with Sirma IT Consulting starting in 2010
ProjectLocation  Apply By  DescriptionTagsExpertsDuration
20100106-TN-BFPMETunisie2010-01-06, 14:00Assistance et accompagnement a la mise en place du nouveau système d'information de la BFPMEpm, consulting, gap-analysis, system-conception, tender, preparation, ptototyping, deployment, operating-procedures, audit
  • • L'expert 1 (senior), Chef de mission (20p/d)

  • • L'expert 2 (senior) (45p/d)

  • • L'expert 3 (junior) (20p/d)

85 HJ, demarrer 31.1.2010, 5 mois calendaires
FWC-BEN-Lot3Worldwide2011-09-15, 00:00EuropeAid Framework Contract "Beneficiaries" Lot3 "Telecommunications and information technologies"europeaid, framework-contract, fwc, lot3
  • • Senior (p/d)

  • • Junior (p/d)

Sep 2009 - Sep 2011
20100108-RS-broadcastingSerbia2010-01-08, 11:00Preparation of Terms of Reference and Technical Specifications for IPA 2010 project “Assistance to the Digital Broadcasting Switchover”digital-broadcasting, telecom, media, tender, preparation, evaluation, government, ipa, prag, acceptance
  • • Consultant 1 (Senior) (25p/d)

  • • Consultant 2 (Senior) (55p/d)

15 Feb-30 Mar 2010 (both consultants); Jun 2010 (Consultant 2); Jan 2011 (Consultant 2)
20100112-UA-NCCRUkraine2010-01-12, 13:00Preparing a Twinning Fiche to support Enhancement of Regulatory and Legal Competence of the National Commission for Communications Regulation (NCCR) of Ukraine twinning, fiche, government, telecom, regulation
  • • Senior expert 1 - Team Leader, legal expert: regulations and legislation in the area of electronic communications (30p/d)

  • • Senior expert 2 - Expert in economics in the area of electronic communications (30p/d)

Mar-Sep 2010: 2-3 missions
20100113-BG-VSSСофия, България2010-02-10, 17:00Създаване на унифицирана система за приемане и обработване на жалби и сигнали и други дейности за превенция на корупциятаgovernment, justice, anti-corruption
  • • Ключов експерт 3: Експерт превенция на корупцията (63p/d)

3ч/м в рамките на 12м, приблизително начало 06.2010
20100202-TN-TribunalTunisie2010-02-02, 11:00Assistance technique pour la conception et l'appui a la mise en place du système d'information du Tribunal Administratifgap-analysis, tender, preparation, business-analysis, government, judiciary
  • • Senior expert (85p/d)

3.2010 - 7.2010 : 85h/j, a raison de 6h/j par semaine
20100422-MK-TelecomMacedonia2010-04-22, 12:00Drafting Terms of Reference for the Technical Assistance in enhancing the administrative capacities of telecom and media authorities for efficient regulation of new digital and multiple play servicestender, preparation, telecom, media
  • • Expert on electronic communications and broadcasting (Senior) (35p/d)

10 May 2010 - Aug 2010
20100514-BI-MFBurundi2010-05-14, 14:00Assistance technique à courte terme spécialisée en informatique auprès du bureau permanent SIGEFI au ministère des Finances du Burundipublic, government, ministry, finance, system, development, migration
  • • Spécialiste en informatique (junior) (42p/d)

juin - août 2010
20100514-BI-SanteBurundi2010-05-14, 15:00Expertise du système de radiocommunication des Provinces sanitaires de Makamba et Bururi radio, engineer, technician, inspection, public, health
  • • Ingénieur en radiocommunication (Senior) (29p/d)

  • • Technicien en radiocommunication (Junior) (25p/d)

juin - juillet 2010
20100527-ME-RTT-EMCMontenegro 2010-05-27, 14:00Technical assistance to Montenegro for transposition of EC Directives on Radio and Telecommunications Terminal equipment (RTT) & Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)telecom, regulation, legal, transposition, inspections, training
  • • Senior Expert I, Telecom/Legal (25p/d)

  • • Senior Expert II, Inspections/Training (15p/d)

1 Jul 2010 - 30 Oct 2010
20100614-HR-NBMISCroatia2010-06-14, 15:00Preparation of Quality Assurance Plan and Provisional Acceptance of IPA 2007 “NBMIS - Phase III” projectquality, assurance, testing, acceptance, bordermanagement, schengen, sis, nbmis
  • • Expert 1: Quality Assurance Expert (65p/d)

  • • Expert 2: Hardware and Software Testing Expert (75p/d)

July 2010 - Jan 2012 (19 months, 5 missions)
20100728-TR-StatTurkey2010-07-28, 15:00TA to Determine the ICT Needs of TurkStat for IPA 2011programming exercisetender, preparation, government, ipa, prag, statistics, hardware, software, security
  • • Expert 1, Team Leader (Senior) (55p/d)

  • • Expert 2 (Senior) (35p/d)

Aug-Oct 2010
20100915-MK-NCTSMacedonia2010-09-15, 12:00Management Support to MCA for New Computerised Transit System (NCTS) Implementation government, customs, transit, ncts, supervision, consulting
  • • Key Expert 1, Team Leader (440p/d)

  • • Key expert 2, Transit/NCTS Expert (440p/d)

  • • Key Expert 3, Quality Assurance & IT Expert (300p/d)

Nov 2010- Nov 2012
20100813-RS-CustomsSerbia2010-08-13, 16:00IT Startegy for the Customs Administration of Republic of Serbia (CAS)government, finance, customs, it-strategy
  • • Team Leader - Customs IT systems expert (Senior) (70p/d)

  • • IT strategy and management expert (Senior) (55p/d)

  • • IT infrastructure expert (Junior) (25p/d)

9.2010-5.2011 (3 missions)
20100823-MD-passportsMoldova2010-08-23, 17:00Assisting the tender supply procedure and the delivery of equipment for Biometric Passportgovernment, supply, tender, evaluation, acceptance, biometrics, passports
  • • Senior Expert in Manufacturing of Biometric Passport/Identity documents (45p/d)

Sep 2010 - Sep 2011 (5 missions)
20100929-MK-telecomMacedonia2010-09-29, 17:00Study of the Regulatory Authorities in Telecommunications and Media government, regulation, telecom, media, communications, study
  • • Senior expert on electronic communications and broadcasting (30p/d)

Nov 2010 - Feb 2011
20101004-BiH-GISBosnia and Herzegovina2010-10-04, 17:00GIS and DBMS Training for BiH Mine Action Centregovernment, it-system, training, gis, webgis, dbms, demining
  • • 1. IT Expert (junior) (5p/d)

  • • 2. Database expert (junior) (16p/d)

  • • 3. WebGIS expert/Team leader (Senior) (20p/d)

Nov 2010 - Jan 2011
20101118-TN-RDITunisie2010-11-18, 14:00Assistance technique pour la mise en oeuvre d'un plan d'actions relatif au programme de Recherche-Développement-Innovation dans le domaine des Technologies de l'Information et de la Communicationgovernment, research-and-development, innovation, benchmarking, offshoring, gap-analysis
  • • L'expert 1 (senior), Chef de mission (76p/d)

  • • L'expert 2 (junior) (76p/d)

Jan 2011 - Juin 2011
20101119-Latin-reviewLatin America and Europe2010-11-19, 14:00Mid-Term Review of the @LIS2 Programmealice2, programme, evaluation, sectoral, analysis, mid-term, review
  • • Expert 1: Team Leader (Senior) (32p/d)

  • • Expert 2 (senior) (28p/d)

Fev 2011 - Avr 2011
20101126-BA-e-learningBosnia and Herzegovina, Banja Luka and Sarajevo2010-11-26, 13:00Development and implemention of integrated e-learning platform for Agency for Identification documents, registers and data exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IDDEEA)lms, e-learning, development, implementation, testing, training
  • • Expert 1: Project Leader / E-learning and E-training Expert (Senior) (50p/d)

  • • Expert 2: LMS Database Expert (junior) (35p/d)

  • • Expert 3: LMS Developer Expert (junior) (35p/d)

  • • Expert 4: Trainer for LMS (junior) (35p/d)

Mar 2011 - Jan 2012
20101129-BA-e-PortalBosnia and Herzegovina2010-11-29, 13:00e-Portal devlopment for Agency for Identification documents, registers and data exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IDDEEA) development, eportal, government, public-services
  • • Expert 1, Project Leader (Senior) (70p/d)

  • • Expert 2, Database expert (junior) (70p/d)

  • • Expert 3, Web developer and DBMS Expert (Junior) (70p/d)

  • • Web developer Expert (70p/d)

Jan 2011 - Oct 2011
20101129-GL-GoGGreenland (Nuuk), home offices of experts, Belgium (Brussels)2010-11-25, 00:00Development of a planning, monitoring and forecasting mechanism for Greenland education sectorstatistical, methods, model-based, forecasting, tools, data, processing, management, planning, monitoring, supervision, education
  • • Expert 1 (Senior) and Expert 2 (Junior) (74p/d)

Jan 2011 - Oct 2011
20101227-TR-DG-databaseTurkey, Ankara2010-12-27, 14:0020101227-TR-DG-database - Support to Undersecretariat For Maritime Affairs Regarding the Dangerous Goods Databasetor, needs, assessment, dangerous, goods, international, legislation, imdg, code, database, prag, rules
  • • Expert 1 - Team Leader / IT Expert (Senior) (30p/d)

  • • Expert 2 - Dangerous Goods Handling Expert (Senior) (30p/d)

Feb - Mar 2011
20110303-SR-CPCSerbia, Belgrade2011-03-03, 12:00TA for preparation of Tender Dossier for supply tender for Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC)forensic, software, technical, assistance, supply, tenders, tender, dossier, specification, consulting, prag, it-system
  • • Expert 1 - IT Expert (Senior) (45p/d)

  • • Expert 2 - IT and Procurement Expert (Junior) (80p/d)

2011-04-11 to 2011-05-30
20110325-MD-TA Moldova, Chisinau2011-03-25, 12:00Assisting tender procedures for supervision service contract Fixed and Mobile Communications Network for Border Guards Service (TETRA)tender, evaluation, tacis, tetra, mobile, radiocommunications, tor, preparation
  • • Construction/Electrical Engineering, Electronics, telecommunications (senior) (30p/d)

Apr 2011 - Dec 2011
20110505-TR-Complaints-Police-SystemTurkey, Ankara2011-05-05, 12:00Setting up an Independent Police Complaints Commission & Complaints System for the Turkish National Police, Gendarmerie and Coast Guardanalysis, technical, specification, hardware, software, complaint, police
  • • Expert 1, Team leader (Senior) (45p/d)

  • • Expert 2, IT Expert (Senior) (45p/d)

  • • Expert 3, IT/Training Expert (Senior) (30p/d)

Jun 2011 - Aug 2011
20110513-KO-Supervision-IT-SupplyKosovo, Pristina2011-05-12, 18:00Supervision of IT Supply Contract - Kosovo Police Information System
  • • Senior expert (70p/d)

Jul 2011 - Jun 2013 (numerous missions)
20110523-YU-NRA2011-05-25, 10:00IT strategy for the Tax Administration of Republic of Serbiastrategy, tax, administration, processes, architecture, analysis, taxud
  • • Expert 1 Team Leader - Tax IT Systems expert ( Senior) (70p/d)

  • • Expert 2 - IT strateqy and management expert (Junior ) (45p/d)

  • • Expert 3 - IT infrastructure expert (Junior ) (40p/d)

20110602-ACP-Thematic-Observatory2011-06-02, 00:00pacific, workshops, training, presentation, skills, capacity, moderation, interviews
  • • Expert 1, Moderator, (Seniror) (65p/d)

  • • Expert 2, Trainer (Junior) (45p/d)

June 2011 - 30 September 2011

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